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TITLE: Duct type fan coil units
Product Description ...
1) Four mounting methods
2) Ten air volume specifications, air volume: 200 - 1,412CFM
3) Cooling capacity: 6,039 - 42,991BTU/h
4) Heating capacity: 9,059 - 6,8240BTU/h
5) Copper tubes, aluminum fin, cross banding radiating pipe
6) Two-row tube, three-row tube and three-row four connections
7) Three types of units: standard, medium static pressure type and high static
pressure type
8) Centrifugal multi-blade impeller makes better balance and less noise
9) Capacitance type motor does not need enclosed ball bearing for maintenance

Advanctage:                   Because of the mini design, it is very convenient to instanllation. It can be widely used in commerical and residential places. With the features of high efficient, economical, healthy and comfortable, it must be your ideal choice for your better life.

TITLE: cassette fan coil units
Product Description ...
1.Thin design
The thickness of 3hp unit(forced drainage style) is only 240mm enable to install in very poky built in space.
2.Larger air flowing,quiet running
Large diameter high efficient centrifugal fan ensures the power of airflow adopt advanced three dimensional software to design streamline large diameter swirl centrifugal fan ,increasing airflow speed,to supply powerful airflow,as the hub of fan is processed into sine-barstyle,enhances the flexiblity and reduces vibration sharply during operation,meanwhile lowers motor noise caused by fan swings.
3.Drained by water pump
Uprised drain pump design assures condensate drained effciently(fored drainage style) adopting famous pump to force condensate draining,insures condensate drained successfully the max uprised height can reach 750mm.
4.Float switch alarming
Float switch alarming,avoids leakage problem(drained naturally style) using contact style float switch to control water level in the tray,when the height exceeds the max height the switch will alarm to stop cooling to insure there is no leakage hidden trouble.
5.Line controller is optional
Lin controller is optional,convenient to operate.
6.Classical elegant design
Lucury appearance,even it is not builtin still elegant and noblest .
7.4-pipe type is optional
Four pipe fan coil is for your preference,widely used in the export.



TITLE: ceiling floor fan coil units
Product Description ...
1.Ceiling and standing install is selectable
Diversiform installationway available to be installed
under ceiling or placed on the floor,saves space maximum.
2.Classical elegant design
Luxury appearance design,not only meet the cooling(heating)
dem??but also beautify indoor decoration.
3.Auto swing function
Auto swing function three-dimensional wide angle airflow,
makes indoor airflow more even and enhaces comfort of airflow.
4.Only small maintance space is required
Elaborate structure design makes installation and maintenance
more convenientil

Advanctage:                   Becauese of the modular design, it is very flexible and convenient for installation. You can choose the cooling and heating capacity depending on your need. Modular chiller can operate without cooling tower, cooling water pump and boiler and no need to have a special room for it.It can be widely used in office building, factory, hotel, hospital and so on.

TITLE: High wall fan coil units
Product Description ...
1.Fan Coil High Wall with inside motor valve, nice appearance.
2.World famous brand motor valve (Italy Watts Cazzaniga).
3.More convenient to install and much more economical due to
we install the motor valve inside.
4.Cooling capacity: 7,000 C 36,000 Btu/h
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